Aside from thinking of my favorite time of year (autumn), the end of August brings to mind Christmas for me.  It’s when I take stock of the gifts I’ve squirreled away during the year and am shocked at how much more I have to go shopping for (yeah, my love language is gifts, but I digress).  So I recently completed my inventory and was thrilled to find I only have about half the list to still shop for. 

 The shopping isn’t a hardship, just the budgeting.  I really do try to find gifts that relate to people in particular.  I have one little group of friends that I tend to make things for and they all get versions of the same gift, but even then I try to make the particular color or pattern fit the person.  So what I’m getting at is that Christmas gift shopping is a joy for me that I spread out over the year and get serious about just about now. 

 Every year, my dear husband wants me to help him out with gift ideas, but this year it’s hard for me to think of what I want that he could wrap and put under the tree this year (okay maybe a replacement for my lost engagement ring).  I’m thinking that what I most want this year is a new dream.  I’m 47 and that means my life is more than half over.  I don’t regret my life.  I just wish I had done more.  I think it was a Meg Ryan character who said, “I live a small life.” 

 When I was little, I truly believed the moon followed me and that meant my life would be special and HUGE.  So, I’m staring down the barrel at the end and wondering what new dream I could acquire to finish with a bang and then Josh came on my beloved i-pod (couldn’t survive life in a cubicle without it) singing “Believe.”

 “We were dreamers not so long ago.
But one by one we all had to grow up.

When it seems the magic slipped away,
we find it all again on Christmas day…

Believe in what your heart is saying,
hear the melody that’s playing.
There’s no time to waste,
there’s so much to celebrate.

Believe in what you feel inside,
And give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need,
If you just believe.”

 I believe deeply in the magic of Christmas.  I’ve been in New York City during the holidays (before they cleaned it up and made it look like every other city in America).  My favorite memory is standing at Rockefeller Plaza watching the ice skaters and watching this scary looking guy in a leather jacket turn around and head back up the stairs to help this little old lady climb up the stairs. 

“Destinations are where we begin again.

When it seems that we have lost our way,
we find ourselves again on Christmas day…

Believe in what you feel inside,
And give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need,
If you just believe.”

I love Christmas and try to follow Scrooge’s admonition to keep Christmas in my heart throughout the year.  I don’t always remember, but when I do I’m a better person and better able to dream again. So here’s to dreaming and beginning again.  Merry Christmas!


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  1. chopbuster

    So you need the strength of 10 grinches plus 2?

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