Back to school…

IMG_0378So, we drove 12 hours south and then 12 hours north to drop our oldest at college for another year.   It’s one of the best visits we’ve had together in a long time.  We talked about everything and nothing on the trip down.  He was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the amount of reading he’ll have to do this semester, but I couldn’t help feeling excited and wishing I were headed back to school.  I’m too old with too many children in college or headed there to be able to afford to go myself right now.  Also, I’ve never decided what I want to be if by some miracle I grow up — nevertheless, I miss formalized learning in a classroom setting.  New books and a challenge.  I shall very likely be one of those extremely old women gaining her doctorate at age 80, but extremely proud to have done so.


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  1. chopbuster

    i too felt the bug of reading in a classroom session and actually discussing the book aloud….although i wonder if many of my old professors would have appreciated the older and hopefully wiser opinions of the current me

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