Missed Church Today

hymnalIn the vast scheme of things missing a single Sunday won’t land me anyplace warm, but I felt like I missed out.  I  really needed (and enjoyed) the extra sleep though.  I mostly missed the music.

Although I have to admit, my son and I were talking a while back and I mentioned how much I love my church.   I don’t yet understand or entirely believe every piece of trivia passed along as doctrine by someone who doesn’t know any better, but the true doctrine of the church comes closest to what I believe.

The one drawback to sacrament meetings is the music.   I think the solemn hymns are appropriate to show reverence prior to the blessing and passing of sacrament.  I wonder on occasion where’s the joy in the music.  The “praise and worship” of other churches.  No, we’re probably not ready for people dancing in the aisles, but I should think we could come a lot closer to making a joyful noise than the funeral dirges we often sing…praise and worship

In the meantime, I’ll continue to appreciate the quiet as there are many days when I need that as well.


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  1. Once I went to an LDS Ward in Chicago on the east side that offered a lot more soul than we put into it in Bedford. There were even a few amens shouted out. The singing was so much louder, heartfelt and soulful. I though whooo, is this our church? It was a nice wake-up. Then when I went to church in Cambridge and the building was burnt down, they met in the Episcapelon (bad spelling) church across the street from the 1800’s. It was gothic, artistic and beautiful. Cmom, let’s jazz it up.

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