My opinion of the name Aloysius

Not really.  Matthew offered up a title for me.  Mostly just that today was gorgeous!!  Really my very best kind of day.  No pressure.  BEAUTIFUL weather and got stuff done.  I wish those would come along more often!!

Blue Skies

This is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year.  Late summer into autumn.  Just warm enough during the days, cool, but not cold at night.  I could have sat on a chair on the lawn for hours, but I didn’t.  Maybe I will sit out tomorrow and read while the boys are at school.  Blessings from above!!



Filed under Autumn, Nature/Great Outdoors

4 responses to “My opinion of the name Aloysius

  1. Christopher

    I wish I could do that!

  2. snydeen

    Make some time tomorrow after Spanish. Just a half hour on a bench some where will do you a world of good!

  3. Let’s promise each other we will do this. I am missing it being inside all day!

  4. snydeen

    Absolutely. At least a half hour no later than Saturday night!

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