end of vacation

vacationI hate when I get near the end of vacation and ruin the last days by thinking about how they’re the end of vacation!!  I didn’t get tons done this last week, but it was so nice to have time to do whatever I did get done.  Running errands on your lunch hour is such a drag.

So with three lovely days left I’ll have to think of something fun for the family to do that doesn’t cost much money.  Hmmm… I also need to watch The Soloist and get it back to the video library before they think we stole it!  I really admire Robert Downey Jrs acting and seeing him in a serious role based on a true story is intriguing.  So, that movie, more sewing (who am I kidding begin sewing) and maybe by some miracle finish painting the bathrooms.  But mostly.  I want to have some fun with the family – maybe we’ll take a last run at the beach.


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  1. snydeen

    Okay, the fun follow up to this blog? When we returned the video they had closed the account because we’d had The Soloist for 21 days (as though we’d stolen it!) What a hoot. So anyway, they checked and realized we’d paid the late fee already and had their platinum program, etc. so we’re reinstated without any more fees, but that was just funny!

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