Poise, grace, elegance, sophistication

These are not nouns used to describe myself as I sit in front of my computer on a Tuesday night overweight but still snarfing cheese balls while wearing a caftan and fuzzy slippers!

But they are they words to describe two of my heroines.  That’s probably not the word I want to use for them, but they have the elusive something I’ve always wanted.  I have elan.  I also have (on occasion) poise, sophistication and wit.  I don’t know that I have ever been truly graceful or elegant, and certainly not a combination thereof for any length of time.

So my new weightloss (and cheese puff free) plan is to simply think about these two whenever I plan to stuff some fattening and/or unhealthy thing into my mouth because I’m bored, tired, lazy or depressed.  Or heaven forfend all four at once.

So here’s to Grace and Audrey the personification of ladies I esteem and to what I aspire (with my own twist on things of course).
audrey_hepburn07grace kelly 02



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4 responses to “Poise, grace, elegance, sophistication

  1. Oooh High expectations! But perhaps it will help with the cheese balls!

    • snydeen

      Oh, I don’t expect to LOOK ANYthing like these two, just cut out the junk and perhaps incorporate a bit more elegance and sophistication. There’s nothing elegant or sophisticated about cheese balls! Hahahahaa

  2. Oh, my! First it is a true delight to have been given “the link” to your blog.

    I’ve been reading several of your entries and am feeling very enthused. For this entry, I just went to my bookshelves and pulled out Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit and the Life Great Photographers Series – Remembering Grace 25 Years Later. I’ll bring them to the next workshop in case you want to borrow.

    They carried themselves with such grace. And guess what. Cheese puffs or not, “my dear, you have it!”

    Can’t wait to connect again LIVE and am very grateful to have found this connection.

  3. snydeen

    Wow, Trudie. You’re the best! I really missed you and the other ladies last month. See you soon.

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