tuesdays after holidays feel much like regular Mondays…

bracket_bolts_largeExcept of course at the end of the day when you realize you must only slog through three more days until the weekend!  Okay, so this is not the most attractive picture in the world, but gorgeous to me!! The hubby single-handedly conquered the brake monster and went above and beyond brake pads.  I needed a new caliper and caliper bracket.  He called around and haggled until he found a good price and then did the labor himself.  I LOVE this man!!  I have my van back.  Phew.  Only went one day without it, but it sure didn’t help me enjoy the first day back at work.  I just hated the thought of being without wheels to come and go when I pleased.  Not that I had much of anywhere to go mind you.

I shouldn’t complain, I had some great stuff  happen today despite still wanting to be home.  My boss seemed genuinely pleased to see me.  I only had a couple hundred emails, and joy of joys only THREE phone messages (the bane of my existance).  Paperwork_HThe work hadn’t piled up much because I was a good dooby before I left.  The one “urgent” thing I whipped out the door before I left work today, and I know right where I’m picking back up tomorrow.  All good stuff for returning to work after almost two weeks gone.

Facebook PageAnd the best thing about today — even better than getting my van back (and that’s huge)?   One of my oldest friends (okay that doesn’t sound right! Let’s say I’ve known her for 30 years) and my oldest child both sent me notes that they actually like my blog!  Bliss!!


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One response to “tuesdays after holidays feel much like regular Mondays…

  1. Welcome back this week- even though it is Friday now!

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