Hope Chest…

So, I’ve decided I need something to do.  As I’ve mentioned a million times already Fall and Back to School always does this to me.  The cool thing this year is that I’m finding things.  I attend a tea at antiquiteas tea room in Londonderry, NH once a month sponsored by livingsixgraces.com.  The last tea I attended Trudy handed us index cards and challenged us to write out our hopes for a hope chest.  It took a little bit to get going, but then I started writing like gangbusters…


I came up with quite a few ideas, and then I had the brilliant idea of turning them over

IMG_0420and writing out a plan for getting what I want.  Most of them had “Google” as number one, so I spent about an hour today.  I share the top ten (in no particular order) below:

1). Take a photography course – Checked with the Currier, GAP, West and Creating Keepsakes Photography.  $395

2). Visit Italy – Checked untours.com and immediately got a bit overwhelmed, so decided to put off planning for that one for a bit.  Great site though for apt/house rentals.

3) Cooking Classes – SNHU – Culinary Skills and Procedures 100 level course as part of the Culinary Arts degree.  $906

4) Christmas Tea and Watch Little Women -Pick a date, Create a menu

5) Attend CKU in Provo – Check dates and prices – Usually August No prices listed.

6). Spend a weekend at a spa – Wentworth by the Sea – Got this one covered.  Alan’s sending me for my 50th in two years.

7). Movie Marathons – Already covered this one with Pride and Prejudice, but as I mentioned I’ll have to come up with some other themes and keep this one going.  Like classic horror movies for Halloween and really bad movies like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and the Skeleton of Cadaver for a rainy humdrum day.  I’ve also decided to play Babbette’s Feast and follow it up with a version of her feast.

8). Ballroom Dancing – Google – Arthur Murray offers first class free, but no prices for future classes.  Queen City Ballroom has private lessons for $50/couple and group lessons for $36.

9). Go Sailing on a Windjammer – Google – Found mainewindjammercruise.com.  Weekend cruise Friday at 2:00 to Sunday at 10am is only $545, the same as pre-season for three days.


10).  Become a docent in a museum – Google Currier – So I did.  All it says is that they’re not accepting volunteers at this time.  Undaunted I checked the Boston MFA and found they have an application which would seem to indicate one should have more than just enthusiasm like perhaps credentials.  I’ve had two semesters  of a humanities course.  So other than what I’ve learned on my own, that’s the end of my formal training.  I know quite a bit, but no where near what someone formally schooled would know.  So feeling only a bit intimidated I then proceeded to Google Art History classes and found UNH Manchester has an Intro to Art history class on Art of the Western World.  I didn’t look into the price as it’s only offered Thursdays from 1-415 (working) and already started a week ago.  I might call and find out what it would cost to audit the class.  The text book is only $27 new.

So I’m totally jazzed and can’t wait to think up more cards.  I think seeing my dreams in writing with concrete steps to reaching them makes all the difference.  It was surprising to find how many of them are free or inexpensive or at least less expensive than I would have thought.  Now dreaming?  Well, that’s free.



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4 responses to “Hope Chest…

  1. This is a fabulous idea. I have a couple of the same goals and we can discuss my findings over our food! PS You know you just need to check with me on Italy…..I know it like the back of my hand! Want to go together?

  2. Coreena

    Wow! I am not sure whether I feel inspired or overwhelmed! 🙂 You go, Jenny, pursue your dreams!

  3. Jenny, have I found you?!* It’s Lisa, from across the tea table at the Living Six Graces workshops! Trudie and I were just saying today (no, I am not kidding or making this up) how much we missed you last month. Hope you can make the October 2nd workshop.

    • snydeen

      It’s me! I missed you and Trudie and the other ladies last month. I didn’t realize how much I’ve come to look forward to the teas and the little bit of fun and peace they bring. I will see you all in October!

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