organized christmas week two

So I feel as though I’m falling behind and it’s only week two!  Not a good sign.  On the other hand, it’s an easy catch up.  So week one was list making (piece of cake and most of it hadn’t changed from last year).  Week two was questions (again not many of the answers have changed I belive).  I am planning a family council to find out for sure.  The two rooms I should have tackled were the porch and the living room.  So tomorrow I’ll be doing one of my least favorite jobs and washing the livingroom windows.  The porch I think all I can do there is cram stuff into the barn and make a dump run.

So hope springs eternal.  Week three is the entry/foyer.  Since ours is about 2×3 that shouldn’t take more than five minutes.  On the other hand the plaster’s cracking so I guess it’s a good time to get that taken care of.    I would post pictures to go along with the cleanup/makeover but I’m not that brave…

Whisper a prayer!


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  1. Send me that list! And where were you yesterday. I taught RS and you were not there to comment!

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