so you think you can dance


Okay, Sunday night or very early Monday morning and I definitely should be sleeping, but all I can think about is the show.  Megan has been an avid fan of So You Think You Can Dance this entire season, so when a woman at work was helping out a friend who couldn’t make the concert, AND my check from WellAware came in, I thought it was kismet.  Bought the tickets and we went.  Didn’t know about the seats or anything, but I knew Megan would be extremely happy.

It was great fun and I got some good pictures from really nice seats.  Megan was very happy.  It reminded me of when I used to dance decades ago and how happy it made me.  I’ll have to work on my hope chest and pick a date for those dance lessons with Alan sooner, rather than later…

IMG_0736My favorite dance of the show, called Addiction.  Powerful stuff.



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3 responses to “so you think you can dance

  1. Where was the show? This sounds like more fun than words could ever describe! You *must* come dancing with us sometime. We went twice this past weekend, and never had to leave NH! Please bring photos to the next tea event!

  2. snydeen

    This was at the Verizon in Manchester. Sounds like a date if I can convince Mr. S.

  3. snydeen

    Oh, and I’ll bring the pictures!

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