ever feel like an idiot?


So a conference or two ago one of the church leaders gave a talk on choosing between good, better and best.  How very often our choices in life aren’t between good and bad (murder or gentle discipline of our children), they are making the decision between things which are good, better or best.  For example, watching mindless tv (Warehouse 13), watching meaningful tv (History Channel Presents), watching general conference (Next Saturday 12-2 EST). 

So I’m generally most likely to choose good over bad, and feel noble enough about having made that choice, to never quite make it to best — although I do occasionally reach better.    This is not to say that I NEVER choose things which are bad, or things which are best, but I sadly ( or maybe it’s good) live my life in the middle.

So, all that said, the current dilemna is that with previous knowledge on how busy our autumns are, I booked a trip to New York for the family.  We couldn’t ultimately afford for the whole gang to go, so it turned into an overnight away for Alan and I.  The dilemna is this:

1) Go to New York for an overnight with my hubby on a trip we already have to pay for, OR

Office AssistantViolinSoccer

2) Stay home and take our middle son to his concert at UNH and our youngest son to his soccer game and our daughter to work,  OR  make all three miss all three of these things so we don’t lose out on $140.  Ugh.

My dream is to find safe rides for everyone and be able to go with a clean conscience and then to have enough money for hotel, food, and entry fees.  The reality may be I spent $140 on a trip we’ll have to miss for no good reason except my loss of a grip on reality (our very busy lives).



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3 responses to “ever feel like an idiot?

  1. I vote NYC with Allen- You deserve it!

  2. Jan

    Definately NYC.
    Life is too darn short.

  3. snydeen

    Had the decision made for me. Upper and Lower GI scheduled for the day before. NOT walking around for two days immediately following that procedure thank you very much!

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