Friendship tea

So  I spent the evening with Trudie, Lisa, Wendy, Laura, Denise and some other ladies at Antiquiteas.  My once a month Living Six Graces thought provoking evening of time spent with women who are in a word, splendid.


Beads for the friendship bracelets we made. Trudie always has such great ideas!

I will write more tomorrow, but we spent the evening discussing friendship. What does it mean?  What are the different types/levels of friendship?  What do we need right now?

I guess I want more so than more friends (although I would welcome that) I want the friendships I have to become deeper.  Closer.  I want friends who really know and get me.  I have a couple don’t get me wrong, but a couple more would just be wonderful.  Anyway, more on this tomorrow.  Time to sleep.

I believe it was the poet Stevie (?) who said, “When I get to heaven and they shall ask what has ruled my life, I shall very likely say, “Being tired.”


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  1. Wasn’t it a great evening? Thoughts and good memories rippling into Saturday and Sunday. And thank you for my pink bracelet kit!!! It’s a treasure and the mark of a new friendship, I’d say!

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