it may not be fact, but it is truth



I missed the New England Women’s Conference this year, but my dear friend got me the tapes (phew).  I am really enjoying them and have been plucking some real gems so far…

We’re in dress rehearsal for what God has for us in the future.  We need to get it right.  Don’t get cut out of the final act.

I am determined.  I will not be denied.

I’m going to get everything that God has for me.  I will put forth more effort.  I came the farthest.  I tried the hardest and I believed the longest.

The more you practice it, the more you get it right.  If it’s in your heart, the devil can’t steal it and the Holy Ghost will bring it to your remembrance.  If it’s just in your head, the devil can steal it.

Speak God’s word even if you don’t believe it.  It may not be fact, but it is truth.

Nothing withheld from those who love the Lord– get God’s word on my finances, family and future.


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