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Yep.  I’m posting this here also because I really want to hear from a lot of people.  I have this ever growing list of places I want to see because I experienced them through a book. Jerusalem for the Bible, India/The Far Pavillions, Japan/Shogun, Venice/1,000 Days In Venice, Forks/Twilight, etc. Not to mention the movies that have inspired travel (careful there though, see my blog re: Alaska and The Proposal). Where are some places you want to see because of a book you’re read or movie you’ve watched and what was the name of it?



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  1. Jan

    In a bit of a twist on your question, David, a native Baltimorean (or Baltimoran, as they say) is a big fan of David Simon (The Corner, Homicide, The Wire) as I have become, though I did read both Simon books in a previous decade. So I have been to a few places now in Baltimore with him, and did a bit of the John Water’s tour. Also, Barry Levinson movies–Diner, Avalon, Liberty Heights, Tin Men. So when we watch, especially The Wire, we can see neighborhoods and streets and panoramas (the Domino Sugar sign) that David grew up with.

    Like for some of us watching Mystic River and going over the Tobin Bridge.

    Here in Maine, Empire Falls, filmed in Ellsworth.

    Me, Robert Parker fan, bits and pieces of the Boston I remember more like a dream, now.

    But, hey, cool, I’d go to ‘Salem’s Lot!!

    I will answer more closely the question proposed when I look through my books. Unfortunately, I probably need a time machine to go back in…I would love to see a vaudeville show!!!

  2. snydeen

    I am seeing more and more of Massachusetts in films. I’ll have to start looking more closely when I slip over the border! You’ll have to share your previous books and places as well though.

  3. This is a loaded entry……..Books are what inspired my recent trip to England which slightly financially out of control in the end. But I was happy to hear I didn’t have to go back to Sitka and we can just travel to Cape Ann! Wanna go soon…I loved the Proposal

  4. Cape Ann here we come! When?

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