enjoy it while it lasts

so today is an absolutely gorgeous fall day in New England.  The leaves are just past peak, but still have some color, the sky is blue and the temps are in the low 60s.  Perfect.  Sadly tomorrow the “white death” will be falling from the sky.  I am of the opinion that it should only snow on ski slopes, the day before Christmas into early Christmas morning and maybe one day during the week so that the kids get a snow day.  That’s it though.  Snow is not my thing…

the white death...

the white death...

Yeah, not a big fan…  High oil prices, longer school year, back breaking shovel work, sliding on the ice once it packs down…  I loved it when I was a kid and could go play in it!  Sadly those days are gone.  On the other hand if I am in fact to “enjoy [things] while they last”  perhaps I should adjust my attitude and invest in a new sled.   Maybe this will be the year I go tubing down a mountain!


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