Blowing on the boards and avoiding the goo!

Blowing on the boards and avoiding the goo!

No as much as you think it has something to do with the fall harvest.  What we actually harvest are memories.  Each month we meet at our fearless leader’s home for inspiration and support, and scrapbook.  Twice a year we have a special event.  In the spring it’s National Scrapbook Day and in the fall it’s Croptoberfest.  This Croptoberfest was interesting because the ladies gathered to make photoboards rather than just our traditional scrapbooking.  I learned it at church last year and taught Pauline who in turn taught the little group on Friday.   I hope it keeps going.  I love the idea of good things being passed on. 

IMG_0977So, my plan was to make a wall hanging, an idea that Pauline got from HGTV.  Since I didn’t know what papers the boys might want I didn’t get beyond slicing up the posterboard, but even that had its fun moments (can’t cut a straight line with a ruler.  that’s me) 

So I’m happy to have my creative juices flowing even if I’ve yet to produce anything amazing.  It’s good just to be dabbling my feet again.  I have one friend I’m sending off a very old story too that I might start playing around with again, and another friend whose play has been produced in a couple of stake centers who thinks I might be up for the challenge of directing an east coast edition.  Cool!

So things are flowing and it’s all good.  I needed that right about now.  Thanks be to God.


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  1. I love this- wow I would love to see what you are doing ! What a great idea. I have tons of walls that I could do this with!

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