Just do it…

So I went to this wordpress suggested blog(which sadly I can’t find the link for – something like Momfomation) and found this great line (okay couple of lines).

I decided to stop saying to myself, “I’m so tired, I just don’t have time, there’s too much to do.” Instead, I decided to – in the words of Nike and my no-punches-pulled friend – Just Do It.

So, here we go.  Tomorrow (after the pancake breakfast) I have to come home and dance.  You realize of course that this is not exactly a hardship for me.  It’s something I love to do, but haven’t in years.  Not really.  In this case, I mean DDR.  I like that I can basically dance and it counts as exercise.  I used to go dance clubs and order a drink that I generally never finished because I never left the dance floor all night!  I miss that.  Not the drinking, but definitely the dancing.  So.  time to Just Do It.  ddr-feet

I’m starting on my bedroom walls.  I don’t care if I only get one corner done.  To start is the thing.  paint

Finally, I’m calling to schedule a manicure.  My nails look like a construction workers.  I’ve gone back to biting my finger nails as well.  manicure

Time to start doing more real things to take care of me.  Crawling into bed to read and hide out from the world no longer counts.



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2 responses to “Just do it…

  1. Love the motivation. I love my bedroom painted so do it! You just feel so energized and trust me – I should have done it 6 years ago!

  2. snydeen

    Nope. I didn’t “Just Do It.” Never had the time Saturday after all and today I napped instead of working. Okay, I’m still feeling the need to press forward, so I will.

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