TMI or getting old sucks but it beats the alternative…

slapSo I had an upper and lower GI this morning.  The prep was actually not nearly as bad as I’d feared and thankfully I didn’t leave the hospital feeling violated.  I was a bit dizzy and a little loopy, but otherwise not too bad.  When I came around they told me they found three things and I could only remember one of them earlier — an ulcer.  Not surprised.  After I slept (thankfully) I remembered one of the others (celiac disease).  I did not want another health condition to add to the arthritis.  It sounded familiar but I couldn’t remember why I’d heard of it.  So like an idiot I googled it.

Sadly most of the symptoms are painfully familiar and even more sad is the fact that IF I have it, it means I’m off wheat (Cream of Wheat, Rhodes Rolls and Dunkin Donuts), oats (Raisin Date and Walnut Oatmeal) and pasta (Lasagna, Spaghetti and oriental noodles).  Okay, yeah it’s a pathetic thing to be upset about when there are people who don’t have ANY food to eat out there in the world.  Wow.  Just typing that gave me two tight slaps!!  Alright, I’m better now.  It will probably mean I’ll lose some weight and generally be a healthier happier me.

I’m also guessing the rare piece of birthday cake won’t do me in.  As long as it is rare.  Phew.  I feel better now.  Isn’t blogging the best?


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  1. Shoot celiec is an auto immune disease right…dang I am praying that you don’t have it…..we will have to change our lunch venue now. Hope you are ok

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