Fanatic: A person with extreme and uncritical enthusiasm

That is definitely a definition of Jenny when talking about Christmas!  I don’t care how many years I’ve lived, I don’t care how many times I’ve been disappointed.  I set out every year to capture the spirit of the holiday.  Since I have a hard time doing that when my life is at odds I was thrilled to find Cynthia Ewer (see Organized Home link below and to the right).

I can’t begin to tell you how much Cynthia Ewer’s book and organizing/ decorating plans have meant to me over the years.  I have missed my opportunity this year to really do the Holiday Grand Plan, but never fear…  Cynthia has a back up with the regular Holiday Plan.  Six weeks worth of encouragement and baby steps to the Christmas that you want.  Please go to her website.  Print out the calendars and checklists and forms and make a plan to really enjoy your holidays this year!

Th[e] perfect welcome is the spirit of a holiday home. You can’t buy it. You can’t decorate it into existence. You can’t hire someone to make it for you. You can’t clean it, sew it or cook it into existence.

The welcoming home springs from a room in the heart, not a room in the house. In the weeks to come, we will go knocking at that door of the heart. We’ll flirt with the senses, bring light and scent and beauty to the shell that is our home. We’ll work for a serene and happy atmosphere, a spirit of calm joy, a sense of friendship grounded in, “You’re here! Come in!”

A welcoming holiday home. To have one, we must refurnish our heart, not our house!  Cynthia Ewer




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8 responses to “Fanatic: A person with extreme and uncritical enthusiasm

  1. Jan

    I have a similar adolescent fetish: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. yeah, gotta thing for Spike.

  2. Jan

    Oh dear, I put that under the way wrong entry!!

  3. Jan

    whoa. Gimme a hint with the text stuff. I do not do texting!

  4. snydeen

    Laughing My Butt Off! Slightly more appropriate than the use of Ass I thought.

  5. The guilt is just setting in!…..Can’t red another ounce of Christmas prep—–

  6. I keep hanging things on the christmas tree… its a problem
    but i can’t stop! I got yelled at by my four year old this morning for hanging up his precious pom poms ‘NO POMPOMS on the tree MUM!’ and my daughter said ‘I was wondering where my owl necklace had disappeared too… ‘ it twas moi.. in the tree 🙂

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