format stolen from Angela


HVAC Guy- I wish you would come when you say you would and replace our furnace.

Pepsi – I wish you would offer caffeine free in small cans, so I could better regulate myself.

Italy – I wish plane fare and prices on hotels were lower, so I could get there quicker.

New cell phone- We will be together some day.

Debt – I hate you more every single day!

Caesar Salad- I might just have to have one Thursday, it has been months…feels like a dry spell for you and me.

Euro- I wish you would drop at the same time that airfare and hotels do, so we could visit.

Window Blind in my Bedroom – ‘Bout time I replaced you!

Megan –  Congratulations on completing your first commissioned piece.

Photography Hobby- I am looking forward to knowing you better.

Angela – Thank you for introducing me to blogging.  I love it!

Work – Thank you for being the steady income I need to help support my family.

WiiFit/DDR- I promise we are going to reunite!

Laurie – I can’t wait for you to get out here!

Martha Stewart – Where are you when I can’t figure out a paint color?

Alan – I am thrilled you are having such a great time with scouts.

Cape Ann – Be seeing you soon!

Mountains – Thank you for reminding me from whence comes my help.

Clutter- I have a plan for you!

Dell – I think you’ve disappointed me for the last time and we’ll have to part company.

Canon – I hate that I didn’t keep the Rebel when I first bought it!  I promise to hang on to the next one!

Living Six Graces Tea Night – See you soon at Antiquiteas!

Soon to be 48th Birthday- Don’t let it bother you….  old age and wisdom will go hand in hand (and beat the heck out of the alternative!)

Ann Taylor and Macys- I promise I want to visit but no way am I buying clothes in my current size.

Stock Market- You are making me very happy again.  Don’t disappoint me.

Aerobics Class- I am going to work my way back to you before next year ends.

New Moon – I already have my tickets and will see you soon.

Garrett – I promise high school gets better.

Matthew – Endure to the end of senior year and shoot for Yale.  You are going to love college.

Christopher – I am excited that your future is looking so bright!

New Rachel Ashwell book – Your ISBN number has been forwarded to my husband.

New York- Next year we are going to be there for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Blog Readers- Thank you for reading all of my random thoughts!

80 year old me- It was worth it and more!


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One response to “format stolen from Angela

  1. Love it- We have so many things in common- that is why I love you as my friend!

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