so… not bragging nor apologizing, but I have this whole adolescent Twilight thing going on.

So I never even heard of the books until the fourth book was due out.  I saw a large display at Barnes and Noble and decided to find out what the hoopla was.  I opened the cover and saw Stephenie Meyer had graduated from BYU, so figured I’d give it a shot.  I went to the Manchester library since they tend to have more books and multiple copies of them.  They were checked out and had a waiting list — same with the home town library.  Now I was really intrigued, so I decided to buy the first book since it was out in paperback (albeit trade size).

 I was hooked.  I inhaled these books and basically finished them one a night, with the exception of waiting to get to the store for the next copy!  I didn’t get much sleep that week/weekend…  So, then the movie came out.  By now my friend had read the books and planned to go with her daughter, so we went to the opening together.  Conveniently just four days before my birthday.  : )  Let the obsession begin. 

 I bought the soundtrack from Barnes & Noble – found out Rob Pattinson had yet another single on the itunes version of the soundtrack and bought that too.

 I paid to see this movie seven (7) times!!  The first time with my Pauline and her daughter and daughter’s friend, then with my daughter home from college (because according to me she had to see it), then again with Pauline et al, then with Britton and Gail because Gail hadn’t gone yet, then with Britton again because she understands the obsession and we had to see it once more before it left the theaters, then Pauline had a birthday and what the heck it’s at the half-price theater, then we did a movie night with Alan and the boys (Paul Blart Mall Cop/Taken) then over to the half price theater where they went to see Valkyrie, so I snuck over to Twilight one last time. 

 I guess it was a change from my Titanic or Pride and Prejudice obsessions.  I think most girls (although a fair number won’t admit it)l want to be Cinderella and we all (whether we admit it or not) like the bad boy.  This story kinda covered both those adolescent needs that I never quite grew out of.

 So, then Creating Keepsakes decided to help with my madness by finding the font the book titles were typed in, yeah, I had to get that too.  I know… but hey if I could help it, it wouldn’t be an obsession!


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  1. snydeen

    Oh, and I think we can all guess where I’ll be four days before my birthday this year. Yep, howling at the New Moon!

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