kfcI remember this commercial that used to seriously crack up my husband– “Favorites” from KFC.  The person didn’t want to share because whatever the other person pointed to was one of their favorites…

Not sure why that popped into my head, but it got me to thinking about my favorites, so here are some:

colors- burgundy, black, cobalt blue, deep forest green –  jewel tones

flowers – tulips, roses, carnations, bells of ireland, gerbera daisies

foods – tacos, steak, lobster, chinese food, japanese food, italian

activities – sleeping, reading, watching romance movies, reading romance novels, going to the beach, going shopping, going to Barnes and Noble (okay that almost rates up there with a religious experience), going to support my children (scouts, soccer, basketball, concerts, art exhibits…), hanging out with Alan

hobbies – scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, blogging


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  1. ok here goes. i nailed the kfc recipe .1 cup flour,1tbs of accent<msg ,1 tsp of pepper 1tbs of clubhouse italian seasoning .makes good kfc porkchops too ! im sure this isnt the comment you wanted but couldnt resist after seeing the chicken.lol i can add some of my favorites though. dogs: blue heeler
    cars: 69 elcamino
    meat : prime rib
    colours : green @blue
    hobbies :restoring old cars

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