you can’t go home again…

so I just scanned and uploaded some photos to my Facebook account.  Since I’m not interested in sitting here all night loading whole albums (of which I have many) I picked certain pictures.  I was not entirely surprised that I compartmentalized my life and loaded pictures from eras.

I only have a few childhood pictures, so I didn’t load those, but I loaded a friend from high school, then college, then basic training, then the theater friends from Colorado, then Germany and a couple of wedding pictures and a couple of pictures from the time of my mom’s funeral.   It’s weird to think of the things you consider sum up your life.  I was curious to note that I hadn’t done any of Alan and the kids, but I guess because I already have albums devoted to them on Facebook and was trying to do more of capturing my youth (or glory days as I called them — shades of Bruce Springsteen).

So one cannot go home again, but you know what?  Proustian memories are free.



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2 responses to “you can’t go home again…

  1. What an interesting post, Jenny! I love browsing friends’ photo albums on FB and am certain I would enjoy getting to know you and your glory youth with the specially selected pics you’ve chosen. Was it hard to select ‘just one’ from each life chapter?

  2. snydeen

    Certain things stand out for me when I think of my life as a timeline, so in that respect the life chapters were easy. The pictures were made easier by the fact that most of them were so awful! Grainy and unclear. I’m grateful to say my photographic efforts have improved with age!

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