so… it’s Monday again

I’m actually looking forward to this week.  No matter how busy it is, it will be less so than last week (even with two days off for sickness!).  I am sad to report Megan did not sell any of her art work today.  I am actually very surprised.  Unlike the traditional proud parent (which I am).  I also happen to know her work sells (she just got $300 for a dog she drew).  Weird.  I guess a bunch of engineers aren’t the best group to hock artwork to! 

Meanwhile, I got through a tough-ish project today (phew) and I’m somewhat relieved to discover that because of Super Saturday, we’ll be having my New Moon party after we get back from New York.  Oh, well.  At least going to see New Moon hasn’t changed!

Matthew’s shoe box project is moving along.  Another thing that I think is very worthwhile, but I’ll be glad when it’s done.   I’m ready to focus on Christmas.  Well, more than I already have been. 

giftI got the card list revamped (finally) and I’m relooking at the gift list.  Alan and I have already decided we’re not getting each other much of anything this year.  I’m thinking it will be a good thing.  I think we need to think up non-material gifts for each other.  The kids won’t really get that yet, but I think we’ve reached the stage where we will.  Yeah, my love language is gifts, but it is such a gift to me when Alan has made dinner when I get home and all I have to do is flop on the couch.  Or it’s my turn to do dishes (again already?!) and he does them.  Or he brings a corn bag up to bed to warm my toes before he heads off for work.  These are the gifts that mean the most to me.  (Well, okay, I’m particularly fond of my pearl mother’s day earrings and my twilight charm bracelet but that’s different.)

The thing is.  I’m craving peace.  I can’t get it worrying about gifts and looking at my mess of a house.  So I was reading organized christmas again (of course) and she had this to say:

We also experience stress. A gift no longer says, “I’m thinking of you, I love you, I hope to make you happy!” No, a gift now proclaims our taste, expresses our aspirations, broadcasts our budget, and stands as a pawn in a highly complex retail transaction. What was once a small and simple act of love is now a venture into high-level consumerism.

We measure our gifts against the world, not against our hearts.

 As we count down to Christmas, reach for simplicity: simple gifts, free gifts, gifts of time and love and friendship. Gifts you’ll never see spotlighted on a red-clad table at your local mall, or catch languishing at next summer’s garage sale.

Making a list for Christmas giving? Let us steel ourselves against the crass and blatant calls of the gift industry. It’s time to reclaim a sense of pure, right giving. Giving from one heart, to another heart–no wallet standing between, no cash register exacting a toll, no invisible judge and jury weighing our choices. Reach for it!


Okay, given all the money in the world, I wouldn't likely buy this furniture, but I LOVE with all my heart the clean lines.

I can so embrace that logic.  Our budget may be forcing us to do so, but I also think we’re ready.  Then as far as cleaning goes… some wise woman once said, “I don’t love cleaning, but I love having a clean house.”  Time for me to get busy and get the rest of the crew back on track as well!


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