The Proposal Road Trip or Who LIVES there?!


Ang and I at the restaurant which shall remain nameless!

So Angela and I went out on a photo shoot.  I’ll NEVER be as good as she is, but we always have the best time hanging out.  So, I found out The Proposal was shot on Cape Anne (see previous blogs) and off we went.  I made up this little booklet on the different spots and we flipped back and forth looking at other pictures from online, etc to decide where we were going.


Folly Cove Landing

It was a neat little cove and while not too easily accessible by foot, we could certainly reach it with our cameras!


We finally made it into Rockport, since most of the movie was shot there.  Talk about fun and funny!  Since the town is all but closed up now that tourist season is over Angela had no problems parking wherever was convenient whilst we snapped photos — including the middle of the street.  It was pretty stinkin’ funny.  Our first stop on the tour was Motif no. 1.  It was considerably smaller in person that it appears in photos.  It was very quaint though and we of course got pictures.


Motif No. 1

IMG_1105So then we wandered over to Bearskin Neck (the neighborhood around the corner) in search of lunch and where else the movie was filmed.  It’s essentially one long street, but part of it is a one way (we found this out by accident).  Some great shops along the way and the restaurant we were in search of that was unfortunately closed for the season.

We ended up eating at a place which shall remain unnamed (unless you ask me directly).   I thought it was alright.  Not wow, but reasonably good until it came time for dessert.  I got the blueberry and Ang got the apple.  She also got quite a bit of mold!! Aack!  Kinda ruined my appetite.  Okay, not really, nothing does that.  It did kill the mood though.  Thankfully we chalked it up to an amusing anecdote for our blogs and moved on.

babsonNext it was off to find the carved stones in Dogtown (an abandoned neighborhood of Gloucester).  I was pretty excited that I found an outdoorsy walk to add to the itinerary.  Somehow over the years the outdoors has become less and less of my thing unless it’s beach related.  So we head off to the Babson Boulders in Dogtown.  We didn’t find them, however we did get the thrill of finding we were walking next to a shooting range with people shooting!!  We took turns jumping out of our skin whenever someone would fire.  We never saw one stupid boulder.  We did get a good laugh out of it, once we were safely  back in the car!

So then off to find the house from the movie.  Angela wasn’t feeling real hopeful about it, but we were blessed.  (Thank you Tom Tom!!)  We made it over to Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts and saw some GORGEOUS houses.  My favorite part of the day was listening to Angela tweak and ask, “Who lives there?!  Who are these people?!”  She was pretty funny.   You do have to wonder with that many mansions all nestled together.  It was like being in Newport, Rhode Island!

IMG_1121Okay, there was not one thing about this house that I didn’t absolutely love!!  I was even bold enough to go up to the door and knock.  I had every intention of invading their privacy and asking if I could take a picture from their back porch.  (Ye have not, because ye ask not!)  Angela was having mild palpitations in the get away car convinced we were going to jail for trespassing.  I figured we were safe in the driveway and on the front porch.  Wow.  That’s one gorgeous house.  Too bad I don’t have 7 million lying around!


Beverly Municipal Airport

So then to round out the movie portion of the trip we had to bid farewell by stopping at the Beverly airport.  Luckily Angela recalled there might be a Country Curtains.  So she googled it and sure enough it was right down the street.  Off we went.  Gorgeous fabric.  I am blessed with champagne taste and a store brand rootbeer budget.  I really loved this one fabric that was $99.00 a yard.  Yes, the decimal point is in the right place.

Great day.  Huge fun.  Can’t wait for our next trip which I’m already thinking up!



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2 responses to “The Proposal Road Trip or Who LIVES there?!

  1. I hope you know I am printing this off for the journal. You wrote it up much better than me! Where is our next trip? Let’s get it on the books!

  2. PS That Was Calico Corners not Country Curtains!

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