So, my buddy Angela has started a string of blogs on gratitude and challenged people to come up with ten things they’re grateful for, not including the typical (family, scriptures, church…)


totally ripped off from Angela

Our Furnace- I get so cold and we just got a brand new furnace installed in record time.  It’s quieter and seems warmer.


Autumn- My favorite season.  I think of the leaves as their own version of spring’s flowers.  The smell of woodburning stoves.  Wearing sweaters again.

Music- It’s a gift from God.  Nothing is more wonderful and suits itself to EVERY possible mood.

Airplanes & Cars- I love being there and these are the fastest ways to get to there.

Microwaves- Instant gratification.  Oh, yeah.

Movies- I love being whisked away to someplace else for a couple of hours.  Whether it’s to  laugh or cry or give deep thought to something.

The Ocean- I LOVE to be by the ocean. I think you are closer to God when you stare out across the vastness and realize how small you are and how great He is.

Cut Flowers- Is there anything better for an quick pick me up?  They instantly add happiness and charm to a room, and in a lot of instances a wonderful scent as well.

Filled Bookshelves- crave them. I dream of a library that extends over my entire house, but with an actual two story room filled with my favorite books and a  bohonkin fireplace.

Fresh Laundry – There’s just something about stacks of fresh from the dryer freshly folded laundry…

Christmas – Okay I won’t rhapsodize, but it is in fact my absolute favorite holiday for so many reasons.

I am going to take up Angela’s challenge and keep adding to this list this month.  Then hopefully I’ll get back on board with the Simple Abundance charge to write five things daily in a gratitude journal.

Now you go make a list- you will feel just great!


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