if i only had today

i would be glad (so far) for the way I’ve spent it.

Church was wonderful.  The choir was amazing (beautifully accompanied by the child with the violin).  The talks were very thoughtful.  We were invited in the first talk to perform service for others, pray often and follow the prophet.

The choir sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.  (I LOVE that hymn!)

The final speaker reminded us that it isn’t a question of what God can do, but what we can believe him for.  “As you climb the hill, sometimes it’s good to look back and see how far you’ve come.”  That our testimonies come from doing the things we want to gain a testimony of (e.g. prayer, tithing, etc.)

Sunday School was about missionary work (again).  I totally get it and I totally don’t get how I’m supposed to go about it, but I am willing to try.  “Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief.”

Relief Society was another lovely talk about service.  Giving it, receiving it and paying it forward.



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4 responses to “if i only had today

  1. Megan W.

    I’m glad you liked the choir number! That child with the violin was amazing!

    I’m grateful for the recap as I had a wiggling/talking/crying baby.

    • snydeen

      You’re welcome. It helps me focus to write down talks, so that’s what I do. When I’m being good I go back and reread what I wrote, and now that I’m blogging if it were particularly motivating, I blog about it.

  2. I hope you start coming to the family history class! It is going to be a good one! Plus isn’t it your Mom who needs the work done! No pressure! :0

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