don’t give up…

Love this picture of her!

Okay, so we all know I have this whole love-fest thing over Hilary Weeks music, but I’m falling just as much in love with her blog!  Go read this one, but I had to share because it really got me where I live:

“Sometimes life can wear us down.  There are times when there isn’t enough of us to go around.  (Hey, that rhymes…) Life can be overwhelming.  And it can feel that way even when we are giving of ourselves for all the right reasons. 

Nestled in the 57 references for self-sacrifice was one verse that brought me a lot of peace.  Alma 26:27. 

“Now when our hearts were depressed (overwhelmed, stressedout, tired, needing a break, needing “me” time) and we were about to turn back (complain, give up, quit) behold the Lord comforted us and said, Go amongst thy brethren the Lamanites (your families, friends, YW, YM, Primary children, RS sisters, fellow employees, neighbors) and bear with patience thine afflictions (stresses, to do lists, dissapointments, frustrations) and I will give unto you success.”

Now that is a great promise.  That makes the self-sacrifce seem more than worth the effort. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is – Don’t give up.  Ever.  Everything we do is worth it.  When you feel like throwing the towel in, then throw it next to the bathtub and take a bubble bath.  When you feel like giving up, keep your chin up instead.  It is all worth it.  The Lord knows. He cares.  He understands.  He knows we do what we do for Him and because of that, He is going to help us. 

And that’s a promise.”

So now I’ve got the Josh Groban song, “Don’t Give Up” running through my head.  I guess I’m getting in the mood for tonight’s simple abundance already!


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