so my dear friend Angela challenged her readers to write about Joy this month.  Good one.  I missed church yesterday because everything ached, but I found so much joy in the time with my family!  We missed the Creche, Carols and Cookies event, but I got to help Megan hang her three wise men contribution.  They were gorgeous and I take great joy in Megan’s art.

Megan's Wise Men Silhouettes

 She’s not just talented, she’s smart.  The wise men are made from .99 plastic table cloths!  Joy.  People actually showed up for the book discussion.  There was joy in that.  People who can’t attend the book discussions would still like to go to the related field trips.  No stress over getting a tree, we’re making do with the small artificial one we already have.  There is oddly a certain amount of joy in being forced to some simplicity.  Great word for this month.  Thanks Ang!



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2 responses to “Joy

  1. Your daughter is indeed talented *and* smart! Love this post – simplicity can be joyful.

  2. Wow- I wondered who was behind the amazing 3 wisemen. I loved them and I missed not seeing you at church….no joy having you gone

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