bon apetit

so I’m watching Julie/Julia with Megan and loving the movie (again/still).  I was a bit disheartened to hear about Julie’s second book.  Post the Julie/Julia Project.  Not going to write about what I haven’t read for myself   I’ve decided to add another adventure to my list of dreams… A summer of cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu.  Meryl Streep was such a fabulous Julia Child.  I still remember watching her show when I was a little girl and she was so much fun to watch.  So…  I was talking to Angela and I’m thinking we’ll need to try making Julia’s beouf bourguinon.   I’m also going to look into cooking classes at SNHU.

I figure adding more distinctive cooking to my repetoire of things I do in my not really spare time won’t be painful.  I have to say that when I think of French cooking, I think of France.  I’ve only been there once and only to Paris.  About the same as only going to a big city in America and judging the whole country by the one experience I imagine.  My favorite memories of Paris are the boat ride down the Seine, the 20  minute run through the Louvre (- of which I only remember the Mona Lisa and the winged victory),  the evening performance at le Moulin Rouge (the Josephine Baker stand-in was marvelous), Montmartre and the artists painting in the square, the Paris opera house and best of all Versailles.

The hall of mirrors, the amazing grounds, the opulence and majesty.  The age and history of things in Europe is just so beyond imagining.  Here at home we call things antiques that are 40 years old.  They call things antiques when they’re closer to 400 years old.  The history just took my breath away and the architecture left me awestruck.  Can’t say as the Parisian shop keepers I ran into did anything to dispel the notion that the French are angry mean people.  Regardless they are masters of style and good eating.    I look forward to going back some day.



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3 responses to “bon apetit

  1. Megan W.

    Maybe I need to go to Europe! I’m amazed by the cities and houses built before the 20th century on the east coast.

  2. If you are looking into culinary programs at SNHU please click the website I have provide for you. We are more than happy and ready to help!

  3. snydeen

    Okay, so I clicked on the link and the classes look exactly like what I’m looking for. A serious introduction to the culinary arts. Since I’m putting three other people into college first, this will likely have to wait for this summer at the soonest, but I’m excited that there’s such a great program in my own back yard!

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