ready or not

Christmas will arrive whether I’ve finished shopping and decorating or not, and for the first time in a really long while, I’m ready for it emotionally, but not temporally.  Weird.  I shop all year long because it’s cheaper and less stressful that way.  This year, my life has revolved around my children’s needs (and I’m good with that), which means less time to do things I might normally do.  Much less housekeeping, meal preparation and shopping getting done. 

I think some of it is just that I’m getting older and don’t have the steam I used to have.  Mostly, I probably just need to get exercising and stick to my Organized Christmas plan.  The year’s I have, have been, well, the most organized.  I’m determined to do SOME decorating and definitely clean house, but the whole shopping this is just about beyond me.  There’s not really money for it, and the idea of going into stores this late in the month is daunting.  So other than our children, if we haven’t bought for friends yet, they won’t get bought for before Christmas arrives.  That makes me a bit sad.  You get out what you put in I suppose and this just wasn’t my year.

So, I figure if everyone has SOMEthing under the tree and the bulk of any housekeeping mess has been cleared away, I’ll call it even for this year.  The take away for me is that I LOVE the gift buying and decorating part of Christmas and although, I can handle a minimal version of that this year, my ideal Christmas has a lot more of it, so I’m determined to be better prepared and get back in the saddle for 2010!



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2 responses to “ready or not

  1. snydeen

    So I guess this is Joy in second chances!

  2. You are a hundred steps ahead of most of us….I just started shopping on Friday-online…thanks to 2 day amazon delivery and will clean this week…..

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