Joy in giving

so I got my little ole lady gifts delivered.  It doesn’t look like I’ll make it over for the tea party, but it felt good to know two women will get a Christmas and know that somewhere out there in the world someone cares. 

I think how often we feel lonely even though we’re not alone.  In the midst of family or friends who just aren’t getting where we’re at in a given moment — but oh how much lonelier it must feel to have those we’ve loved gone from this life and to spend our days in a nursing home waiting to join them.  My kids have told me my senior years will range from a cardboard box to my own house with live-in help.  I’ll just be happy if the plop me in a nursing home and come to visit.  (A LOT)

This is one of those times when I wish I had more hours and more energy.  I’d go visit a kindred soul at a nursing home.  I don’t want to start something I can’t keep up so I haven’t gone before now, but I’m thinking in a few years my youngest will be gone to college and I’ll have more time.  Perhaps then I can share it with someone  who’s alone and lonely.  Cause that’s gotta suck.



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4 responses to “Joy in giving

  1. Just wondering if I was one of the old ladies? Thanks for the gift and I cant’ wait to open it. Like you said before…there is a time and a season for everything…..

  2. snydeen

    Oh, my gosh no!! These ladies are in a nursing home and have no family.

  3. “Joy in giving | My Fantastic Life” was in fact
    in fact engaging and enlightening! In todays society honestly, that
    is really hard to manage. Thx, Chasity

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