joy in my larger family

Whitney Houston (with her mom Cissy Houston and cousin Dionne Warwick) has this great song about families (From the movie Daddy’s Little Girls) —

Where you gonna run to when no one is around?
Do you think out there they’ll love you,
When your face is on the ground?
When you feel your strength is almost gone and your arms are getting weak
And you don’t think you’ll keep holding on
They’ll help you stand tall on your feet (just remember)
Family comes first

So, this just made me think of the larger family of man and how people should always always come before things.  This explains why I’m going to a concert tonight, even though as much as I love hearing my son play I’d really rather just go home skip dinner and crawl into bed.  Why tomorrow night I’ll be standing in 9 degree weather ringing bells for the salvation army in front of Walmart, why at midnight on Saturday I’ll be waiting for my oldest at the train station in Boston, and why I’ll still get up and teach in Relief Society the next morning. 

The nice thing is remembering that I’m also a part of this family I’ve created and I get to do nice things for myself also.  So I’m making play dates with friends for Christmas week while I’m off work.  I am determined to come back and face the new year refreshed and renewed.


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  1. Let’s get something on the agenda right now. I have to finalize my plans with the family….but I should be able to squeeze out a day…..

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