joy in creative living and/or exercise even if you don’t like to

So my friend over at dream big, live large, myartfullife (see link below) threw out a challenge to live more creatively and suggested that we:

1. Change out a routine. 2. Read out of your usual genre. 3. Shock your body. 4. Invest in the arts. 5. Deflect toxic criticism.

I was happy to say that I’ve done most of the above.  I’m still not so great at the toxic criticism since most of that is internal, and EXERCISE?! 

Now we’ve gotten beyond preaching into meddling!  Hahahahaa  Nope.  That’s one of my real sticking points and one I need to get over.  I felt so much better when I used to run five miles, or ride my bike all over the hills of Colorado, or go on a 20 mile volksmarch.  These days just hiking to the car from the office is a chore, but dang it I refuse to go out with a whimper and there won’t be much choice if I don’t get myself whipped back into a greater semblance of physical health.  So…  Looks like I’m looking at getting moving during the worst time of year after we just dropped our health club.  Thank goodness for Wii and DDR!  I wonder what other people do to stay healthy in winter (who aren’t fond of the outdoors)…



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4 responses to “joy in creative living and/or exercise even if you don’t like to

  1. Oh my, oh my. Where oh where did you get this photo?

  2. Megan W.

    Oh my gosh! We need to have DDR parties. You will be amazed by Matthias’s moves. We haven’t pulled out the dance pads at all since we moved. Great idea for how to exercise during these cold months!

  3. First of all I just love the photo and will be using it real soon! This is my exact goal as well!

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