Angela and Julia – love them both

So, not in a million years did I expect to own this book.  I couldn’t justify spending the money.  So without the slightest hint, one of my dearest friends gave me the cookbook for Christmas and now I’m just stinkin’ excited!!  Bouef Bourguignon here we go!  No way am I going to take on Julie Powell’s challenge which seriously impresses me now that I’ve studied this thing a bit, but I’m thinking I’ll try at least one new recipe a month to feel I’ve “earned” such an amazing gift.  Wish me luck!  My daughter says all we need to do now are pick up copies of her show.



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3 responses to “Angela and Julia – love them both

  1. Lucky, lucky *you*! I have owned a Julia Child cookbook since I worked in the Little, Brown publishing warehouse in the early ’70s. It was a remainder, or some such thing, but for me, a reference staple! I’ve seen the movie twice — loved it, love Meryl. Many moons ago, when I had a subscription to Gourmet magazine, I committed to at least one new recipe from each issue. You’re in for a fun ride! How ’bout a dinner party??? I hereby submit my RSVP acceptance early!

  2. snydeen

    Dinner party sounds great. Think Spring. Winter is so unpredictable here.

  3. Glad you love it- Our next dinner lets make that……

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