Taking The Train

Taking The Train:  “What else might be waiting out there that I don’t even know about because I’m so caught up in my routine that I haven’t looked for it?”

Exercise 4:  Discovering Unexpected Blessings

Pick one thing in your life to do differently this week.  Maybe it’s taking an alternate form of transportation, or trying out that discount store you keep driving past, or experimenting with a new recipe, making something from scratch that you would usually buy “pre-fabbed.”  See if there are some unexpected blessings waiting for you when you shake up your life a little.

So, I’m kinda whimping on this one.  I’m going to try my hand at finishing Britton’s world famous molten lava cakes.  (They’re already in their little custard cups, I just have to heat them without overcooking.)  If I think of something more interesting, I’ll let you know. : )



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2 responses to “Taking The Train

  1. snydeen

    Okay off to Portsmouth on a cold winter’s day. Definitely out of my element, but I have my trusty camera and a very dear friend, so this should be great fun!

  2. Shoot we should have had that cake- it looks so tempting

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