The Tax Return

The Tax Return:

When things are hard, or scary, or just plain annoying, the first thing I like to do is say, “Is this really as bad as it seems?”  “…this challenge isn’t really as big as it feels.  It’s just closer to my heart right now than other things.”  “Earth has no sorrow that heav’n cannot heal.”

Exercise #5 Understanding Perspective:

Pick a tree, or a building or something else in the distance that you know is large.  Close one eye and hold your thumb up to the open eye in such a way as to block that large item from your view.  Is your thumb as big as a tree?  Of Course not silly!  Now think of some eternal blessing you hope one day to receive.  Put all your mortal challenges between you and that blessing in your mind, and say to each trial, “You’re no bigger than my thumb.”  See how perspective works?

This was really good to think about as I went over our budget again and then thought about the command to not be subject to debt!  I think I’ll print my thumb picture and hang it around as a reminder…


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  1. You can do it………You are doing it!

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