Fat Boys

Day 7:  Fat Boys An Exercise In Understanding Men

Emily quotes this great scene from Harry Potter where Hermione is explaining to Harry and Ron why Cho is feeling conflicted given all that’s gone on with Cedric dying and her feelings for Harry.  She gets to the end and Ron says, “One person can’t feel all that at once, they’d explode.”

Exercise 7:  Understanding Men

The next time you’re frustrated because you don’t seem to be getting a response from the man in your life, remind yourself that he’s not being deliberately obtuse.  It’s just the way he’s wired.  Communicate your needs clearly and directly, and don’t forget to express gratitude when they are met.

I think there are times when tension over a subject with my beloved could be alleviated simply by the expedient of communicating my needs clearly and directly.  I also think there are times when I don’t know how to do this exactly.  Kinda tough to blame him for not getting something I can’t even figure out.  So I’m going to make sure I try harder to be clear and direct with my needs (and wants!), and certainly be


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