should have

so I was just over at Andrea Lampman’s blog (Scout) and she asked this terrific question, so I had to share,

“What one thing are you going to let yourself off the hook for this year?”

I’ll have to give this some real thought.  I’m thinking it may have to be letting myself off the hook for the “should haves.” They’re unproductive and I think a perfect thing to let go of.  Listen up world — I am choosing right now to let myself off the hook for what I should have done and just focus on what I WILL do.  Yeah, I said it.  Now what am I gonna do about it?  We’ll see…



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3 responses to “should have

  1. I think 2010 *is* the year to change the way we look at the fresh slate of 12 new months. Kudos to you for leading the pack! I managed to avoid list-making myself. I like the idea of finishing up unfinished projects and decluttering. Seems to sum things up, at the moment.

  2. I was thinking the same thing! Well, except I usually say “I meant to…” as well. I want to fill my days with I dids.

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