church in the winter and the afternoon schedule

Okay, so going out of doors in winter is not my thing.  Neither is afternoon church.  We share our building with another ward and flip flop meeting in the morning or afternoons.  For 2010 we meet in the afternoons.  This is the worst when I consider the first Sunday of the month (fast and testimony) where we fast for two meals and donate what we would have spent to the church to share with those in need.  The problem is when I’m not spiritually attuned, so that instead of focusing on some deep spiritual revelation, all I can think about is the fact that I’m stinkin’ hungry! LOL

I’d rather have everyone drive to my house today and we meet here.  Of course that would be terribly convenient for most days.  On the other hand, I know that if the greatest sacrifice I have to make for my faith is driving on a snowy road for 25 minutes to get to church, I should consider myself blessed.


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  1. Love the honesty………Utah makes me mad …because you can walk home from church and be there in 5 minutes

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