With you

Spiritually Anchored In Unsettled Times  by Bruce C. Hafen,

Our March book group read.  Good stuff!  I wrote this on my Books I’ve Read page, but thought it worth reprinting here.

So I finished this book this morning (Jan 3) and it was harder than I thought given that it’s such a small book.  There was just so much in there! My favorite section was called “With You” “There is no greater source of inner peace than to know that our lives are acceptable to the Lord.”  “The Atonement simply means ‘with you,’ in two senses.  First it overcomes anything that separates us from our Heavenly Father, so we can be with Him; and Christ’s Spirit can be with us — each day and forever. [If we are faithful.]  Second, only through the Atonement can we be with our family members and friends forever.  No longing is deeper than our hunger to be with those we love.”


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