The Engine Free Car

I Hate It When Exercise Is The Answer… Emily Watts

“We spend all our money and then insist on buying more things even when we can’t imagin how we’ll pay for them.  We fill our boides with junk food an ddeprive them of sleep, and then get upsent when they don’t run peropertyly.  “Wehen our expectations are clearly unrealsitic, we have two choices:  live in denial and find ourselves unhappy at every turn, or adjust those expectations.”  “I’m not suggesting that we settle for mediocrity.  It’s great to have dreams. But it’s a great gift to be able to accept the realities of our lives…”

Exercise #12 Adjusting Expectations:

“Take an honest inventory of your life situation.  Are you holding on to unproductive behaviors with the unrealistic expectation that they won’t really hurt you?  Is it time to reach for a “new normal” maybe even on a higher level?”

So this is one where I just cringed through the entire chapter.  Sadly, I do this a LOT.  Spend without regard to the budget and then wonder why we never have any reserve.  Go without exercising and making bad food choices and then wonder why the one trip to the gym didn’t make a difference.  Not having regular family scripture study, prayer and chores and then wondering why my children aren’t a bit more perfect (cause they’re pretty stinkin close most of the time.)  So here I am in 2010 at the age of 48 accepting the reality of my life and praying that my new normal will put money in the bank, a smaller clothes size in my closet and bind my family closer together.



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3 responses to “The Engine Free Car

  1. …off to go use the Wii Fit.

    p.s. Sorry I couldn’t come to the field trip today! Teething baby = no sleep, plus Matthias had to go into work with the car today. I will make it! And I may just have to buy this book because I’m loving your posts!

    • snydeen

      Do, get the book. It’s a quick easy read but causes lots of thinking to go on. Good for you with the Wii Fit. I THINK about it way more than I ever actually use it. LOL

  2. I agree….that is why I am making just tons of spiritual goals this year, I have to fix inside before I can fix outside!

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