the same old hymn

I Hate It When Exercise Is The Answer… Emily Watts

“… how important it can beto just “show up” for life.”  “Isn’t it odd that, after all these years and all these evidences, I would still be surprised to realize what the Lord has done for me?  I wish that weren’t so but it seems to be.”

Exercise  #15:  Hearing

Get to sacrament meeting a little early one week.  Look up the hymns that you’ll be singing that day, and read through the words carefully and prayerfully.  Is there a special message for you there?

It’s funny, that while I might not get to sacrament meeting early very often I do take the opportunity to study the words of the hymns and a lot of times I’ll end up writing out passages in my notebook that speak to me.  Hymns are of course just prayer set to music.


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