unsightly sock lines

I Hate It When Exercise Is The Answer… Emily Watts

“… given enough money and enough professional help, just about anyone can fake a body.  But we can’t fake the soul that inhabits it.”

comeneartogod.com - Spiritual Quest

Exercise # 17:  Keeping It Real

“Plan a shop for your soul shopping excursion.  Instead of buying things to make your body look better, think consciously about what would enhance your spirit.  Would it be a book, an inspirational CD, some supplies for a hobby?  If your spirit needs a shot of service, then pick up something for somene else.  Set up a day when you pamper your spirit the way we’re inclined to pamper our bodies, and see how you feel.

I can totally picture this.  Flowers, music, good books, scripture reading, scrapbooking and genealogy work.  I can do this!!


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