stress dreams

I Hate it When Exercise Is The Answer… Emily Watts

It’s just sad to me that my mind doesn’t deem my conscious worrying sufficient; it invites my subconscious to join in as well.  Worrying saps our energy, robs our lives of joy, and ultimately makes us dysfunctional.

I was pleased to find that my coping skills are similar to Emily’s.  When I’m most stressed I make a list of everything I need to get done.   This works with things I have control over.  Unlike Emily I’m not so good about recognizing the things over which I have no control and turning them over to God.  She came up with a third category which I hadn’t considered… Things that might happen.  She suggests in that event, we get the facts and take action over those things we can control.

A great sign from one of my favorite people in the world. A reminder not to worry so much.

Make a list of five things you’re afraid might happen.  Pick the one that worries you the most, and find out all you can about it…  Don’t worry– act.  It’s the best remedy there is.

1).  I’ll become totally crippled with RA and not be able to work and we’ll end up homeless and starve and die.  (Alright, I know I have at least one friend that would take us in and feed us if everything went wrong; and as long as I’m following the plan, the meds should ward off the worst of the RA and there have been rumors of a cure.   So while it’s not likely my RA will get me unemployed in the unlikely event, I have disability insurance, I’m doing the budget each week with Alan and we’re by and large following the plan.  I’ve already got my appointment with Angela for the month.  I’m working on food storage, savings and cleaning out junk, and we’ll just crowd into my friends house until we get it together and then suck it up in a tiny apartment if we have to to get by.  I’ve done it before, I can do it again.)

2).  Warm weather will never come again.  (Okay, not a serious worry, but I’m starting to feel the lack or warmth.  Definitely have to consider a move to a lower latitude for retirement, just not Florida.  Time to refocus my thoughts on my friend Laurie’s visit and the time we’ll spend in slightly warmer climes.  I hope.)

3).  I’m not doing enough for people who are suffering out in the world (e.g. Haiti or even the streets of Manchester.  So, our family will make up a humanitarian kit for Color My World and I’ll post some groups to donate to on my blog.)

4).  My children won’t get well paying jobs that they enjoy.  (Not part of what I can control beyond hassling them to go to college and do their homework.)

5).  I’ll never get my house clean and die leaving embarrassing piles of crap everywhere.  (Okay, started on my bedroom.  At least the piles are better contained now.  Still working on my scrapbook stuff — stopped to blog.)


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  1. Put us on the list for people who will feed you…you are always welcome here. I won’t clean your house when you die though- I may steal your scrapbook stuff though….the one benefit of hoarding…..:)

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