can I just say, “I’m gettin’ tired?”

I could not begin to describe just how much I love my children and what all I’m prepared to do for them, but I gotta tell you… I’m gettin’ tired.  I will be very glad when basketball season and US First are over!  I’m also praying that Megan gets back into BYU-I (for more than just the not having to drive her around reasons of course.)

Like I said, I love my kids.  I would (and do) do anything for them, but I’m gettin just a bit worn.  But for now, tired or not, I’m determined to enjoy the time I have to spend with them knowing I’ll miss it some day.  Just give me a nudge if you catch me snoring…


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One response to “can I just say, “I’m gettin’ tired?”

  1. I am with you…feeling exhausted……I keep trying to seize the moment- but it is rough xoxoxoxo off to pick someone up right now that is all my reading for today. The quietest 10 minutes of the entire 24 hours…thanks for letting me enjoy your book of life…it was good while it lasted

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