lovin’ facebook

So, I don’t get on Facebook so much these days (no time), but I jumped on recently and had a friend request from someone who was a really close friend from college.  He visited me when I was stationed in Colorado and again in Germany and I sought him out first thing when we moved to New Hampshire.  He moved on to other things like Rhema and pastoring in Africa and we lost touch (my fault).  Anyway, I get this friend request on Facebook and it was like a little party!  He went on to say I should check out his friend list and sure enough found three more friends from college!  What a hoot!  These are people (aside from Janice and Nestor) that I haven’t spoken to in 30 years!  So I’ve sent out a friend request and hopefully they’ll remember me and respond.  Wow time passes whether you’re having fun or not.  Better get busy having fun!!



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3 responses to “lovin’ facebook

  1. Coreena

    Cool!! So glad you and Nestor reconnected. FB is great for finding those people you lost touch with and wonder how they are doing.

  2. Jan

    Goodness, is that FPC???

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