Okay, I’ve just gotten some of the most depressing news.  Antiquitieas is closing as of Sunday.  I feel so badly that I didn’t go more often to support them and help keep them in business.  I LOVED that place!!  Somebody find me another gorgeous tea room/antique store quick!  I’m going through withdrawals already!  I got on the email list because if she opens up anywhere else I am so there.  Brenda had such a gift for beauty and comfort.  She and the store and the tea room will be hugely missed.



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4 responses to “Antiquiteas

  1. Heidi Glover

    Say it isn’t so!!! I LOVED that place. My friend will be mighty dissapointed when I tell her this 😦

  2. snydeen

    I think it was on the Living Six Graces website that I read something I think we should all remember — support the independent small business owners that you love or they may not be there tomorrow! Me? I’d give a lot to be able to save Antiquiteas.

  3. Heidi Glover

    That place had such a warm environment. I love the tea services and all the frills 🙂 I also loved being able to go downstairs and pitter patter through all the antiques and look at the jewelry and clothes from yesteryear 🙂

  4. So sorry know that it is your favorite

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