2.1 creative excursions: the gift of time

OPUS - maissonbisson.com

“Creative excursions are regular solo rendezvous with your authentic self designed for this purpose [getting to know yourself].  Celebrate yourself, find pastimes that make your heart light and your spirit sing.  take in a movie, have an early breakfast before work at a new French cafe, cruise the aisles at that incredible Italian market, explore a thrift shop, browse in used book stores, visit an art supply store and imagine all the wonderful way in which you can begin expressing yourself. “

Okay, so I find the whole “authentic self” thing a bit off-putting, but the idea here is that you bring the real you to this party.  That I can deal with.  Not the “you” you put on for your kids, or the church,  or the ladies who lunch, but the real you.  Yeah, the whole inner child thing of days of yore.

So the idea here is to get in touch with the things I really love.  Here’s the real challenge — to make the time.  There will always be some excuse lurking, but here’s the thing, it’s not exercise and it’s not dieting, but it’s also good for me, so I’m going to do it.  Hire a sitter, get your spouse to watch the kids or carve out time when they’re at school, (I plan to use my lunch hour at work), but do it.  This is an investment in yourself that you can “no longer afford to put off.”  This week I’m committing to a weekly (gulp) creative excursion.  Isn’t it sad, that taking one hour a week for ourselves is a big deal?  All the more reason to do this.



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4 responses to “2.1 creative excursions: the gift of time

  1. So cool of an idea I can’t stand it…..but outside of Apple and Nikon…I don’t have many interests except Photoshop and that is what I am investing my time in…20 years later I am finally doing what I wish I would have done

  2. Jenny, is this OPUS in Manchester? I have been wanting to get there but something else is always in the way. Have fun, Enjoy, and Write about It! Can’t wait to hear the details.

    • snydeen

      Yep. OPUS in Manchester. I love that place! Sorry you won’t be there Friday, but good luck with all the grad school stuff and hopefully I’ll see you next month!

  3. Oh, I’m planning on it, Jenny! ****Miss you****!
    I’m making a comfort drawer of sorts for a dear friend whose life has been hit with the equivalent of a tsunami. Thank goodness for the inspiration of our dear friend, Ms. LivingSixGraces[dot]com!

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