Feb 2 – knowing what you love

Okay, I could retype this entire page from Simple Abundance.  Suffice to say, that I’m going on a creative excursion to a furniture/home accessories store and writing down things I love — a color, a shape, a texture, etc.  Then next week’s excursion is to browse a clothing store writing things down.  You know the places I stay away from because they’re too expensive?  “…maybe feeling gorgeous outweighs practicality.”

“We’re not going to overhaul our lives, our homes, or our wardrobe in a week.”  Yeah, back to that whole patience thing.  I suppose as long as I can see incremental change, I’ll have some incentive to hang in there…  Meanwhile, let’s go play!  Pottery Barn, Lord and Taylor or Ann Taylor anyone?



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3 responses to “Feb 2 – knowing what you love

  1. Jenny, congrats on the excursions! Exciting and frightening isn’t it? Can’t wait to hear more about your discoveries.

    “Remember this is the year for asking questions. The most essential one we can ask is: what is it I truly love? Be patient.”

    She says the creative excursion is a solo rendezvous. Yet there’s always group field trips, right?

  2. Jan

    But, but, but the Burlington Mall???
    Kidding. I actually went to the Maine Mall last week for the first time in about 3 years.(to find something newish to wear for NEPA). (Can’t go in sweats to the Park Plaza).
    I got dizzy. But got lots of exercise.
    PS thanks for hooking me up, there, you, by the way…;)

  3. I agree I am always staying away because of price, calories or some other reason……I am glad that you got to adventure out

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